Please see below for a selection of some our finest organic breads. We make a wide variety (many of which are not listed here), so please contact a member of our sales team if you would like to find out more, or if you can’t see what you are looking for.

About our breads - Celtic Bakers

Made with our 15 year old biga for a delicious tangy flavour, this classic white dinner roll has a beautifully light, open texture with a crusty exterior.

White Round dinner rolls

The delicious combination of sharp fennel seed and sweet fig works beautifully with our wheaten sourdough in this crusty dinner roll.

Fig and Fennel Dinner Roll

Our bakers use lots of time, lots of love and our beautifully aged 15 year old biga to create our crusty, tangy white sourdough. Exquisit in dinner roll form and a perfect accompaniment to any meal.

White oval dinner rolls

Shipton Mill's blend of malt flour and sunflower seeds gives this dinner roll a beautiful nutty texture. With a touch of sourdough and a touch of yeast, this roll is fully flavoured and light.

Three malt & sunflower dinner rolls

We use our Italian biga to start this beautiful classic loaf. With a waxy, open texture and a deliciously subtle tangy taste, this bread is the product of days of feeding the biga and careful monitoring. An excellent all-rounder! Available in 2kg, 800g, 500g.

White sourdough

A cracking blend of T55 white flour mixed with wholemeal flour and our rye starter gives this loaf a wholesome and delicate flavour. Perfect for tartines and sandwiches, but equally delicious just on its own with butter! Available in 2kg, 1kg, 500g long and a 2kg quarter.

Wheat 'n' rye sourdough

Spelt is an ancient grain which lends this sourdough a fantastic nutty flavour. It has a slightly closer crumb than our traditional white sourdoughs due to the type of grain, and is also wonderful toasted. Available in 500g, 1kg oval.

Spelt sourdough

A lovely sourdough made from a blend of flours and mixed with walnuts. The soaked walnuts naturally colour the loaf with a purplish lilac tint that make it a stunning bread to display, and the nuts enrich the texture with a gentle crunch. Available in 400g.

Walnut sourdough

One of our most popular speciality loaves, the simple combination of Kalamata olives with Provencal herbs proves a knock-out combination when paired with our creamy sourdough. Utterly delicious, and smells of an edible Mediterranean summer! Available in 500g, 800g oval.

Kalamata olive and herb

The crunchy and nutritious blend of seeds scattered over the crust of this loaf provides a flavoursome addition to a classic long fermented sourdough. Springy and moist, with a bit of added texture. Available in 500g, 1kg oval.

Seeded oval sourdough

Fragrant and fresh, this beautiful bread combines potato and rosemary with olive oil, salt, and fine white flour to create an elegant yet comforting speciality loaf. Divine! Available in 600g, round.

Potato and rosemary sourdough

A classic British farmhouse loaf, also available in wholemeal and multigrain. This loaf can be made open or closed tin, and is packed with flavour. Perfect for sandwiches, whether for delicate afternoon tea or for a filling traditional door-stop. Available in 400g, 800g, tin.

White farmhouse loaf

This little loaf packs a punch in terms of texture and flavour, and is fantastic paired with New York deli fillings, or Scandinavian style toppings. Also works well as part of a bread basket table offering. Available in 400g, 800g.

Light rye tin

Our long fermented artisan baguette is beautifully crusty and rustic on the outside with a flavoursome, airy crumb on the inside. Available in 300g baguette and 100g demi-baguette.

Artisan baguette

Full of flavour, the figs in this loaf mean it goes particularly well with cheese. A simple yet effective combination, for when you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary! Available in 500g.

Fig and fennel loaf

We bake both a plain ciabatta and an olive ciabatta, equally mouth watering. With a pearly, open crumb and a springy texture, this classic Italian bread never goes out of fashion. Available in 200g.

Olive ciabatta

A fantastic Italian style flat bread, this makes a flavoursome accompaniment to any lunch or dinner. Olive oil and salt lend it a rich flavour. Available in 2kg.


We have been making this particular loaf for years. Best served warm with butter, it works well both with sweet jams or savoury fillings. A blend of wholemeal and white flours with buttermilk, salt and baking soda give this hearty loaf its distinctive flavour and texture. Available in 800g, 400g.

Soda bread

A spectacular speciality loaf, this bread really delivers on taste, with the raisins providing a slight sweetness to the bread. Ideal toasted with butter for breakfast/brunch options, or served to liven up a bread basket. Available in 800g long, 500g round.

Seeded raisin

This crusty, rustic loaf has the perfect blend of fruit and nuts, complimented by the tangy wheaten sourdough. Perfect as breakfast toast or served with a cheese board. Available in 500g

Pecan and cranberry sourdough

We use a mixture of seeds and grains to create the rich, nutty flavour of our artisan seeded spelt sourdough. Made with a blend of organic white spelt flour mixed with wholemeal spelt flour and our organic biga. Available in 400g tin.

Seeded spelt sourdough

These beautifully crusty dinner rolls have the perfect balance of fruit and nuts. Mouth-watering when eaten with a cheese board.

Pecan & Cranberry dinner rolls

Shipton Mill's blend of malt flour and sunflower seeds gives this long fermented sourdough a texture and flavour you won't be able to stop eating. Get your toaster ready. Available in 800g, 500g long.

Three malt and sunflower sourdough

Our deliciously rich and buttery brioche buns are sturdy enough to support your burger and soft enough for the perfect bite. Available in 80g.

Brioche burger buns

This beautifully light, flavoursome bun also works as a sandwich bap for other delicious fillings. Available in 80g.

Floured burger bun

A rye bread with a subtle caraway taste, this loaf is excellent if you are looking for something with a little extra flavour. Perfect with cheese or cold cuts, or to give sandwich fillings an added lift. Available 400g, 800g bloomer.

Polish caraway rye

We bake both a plain ciabatta and an olive ciabatta, equally mouth watering. With a pearly, open crumb and a springy texture, this classic Italian bread never goes out of fashion. Available in 400g loaf, 100g & 80g roll.


Made with 100% medium rye flour and some of our rye sourdough starter, this loaf has a denser, rich texture and incredible depth of flavour. Wholesome and filling, the perfect accompaniment to fillings such as smoked salmon or salt beef. Available in 1kg oval.

100% light rye